Monday, September 14, 2009

Kidnapped ...

It's been quite some time since I last heard from Henry Beefeater, but I received a call from my ol' friend early this morning, and he was fit to be tied ... seems that his only son Lamar Beefeater, along with his pal Luther DooLittle had ran into a slight conundrum ...

Day before yesterday, Lamar and Luther had left the house on foot headed to the Mini-Mart in town to pick up some Beechnut chewing tobacco ... nearly two hours had passed sans their return, and Henry was beginning to get a bit concerned, for the little convenience store was barely a half mile from the Beefeater' home.

Henry was about to go looking for the pair when the phone rang ... on the other end was a frantic Luther DooLittle ... he had called from his new cell phone, and was sobbing and whining and begging Henry to send help ... Luther explained that he and Lamar were walking down the street when suddenly a dozen or so masked gunmen had kidnapped them, had bound their hands, and were holding them against their will in the backseat of a vehicle right in front of the Mini-Mart ... Luther said he feared the men would soon return and whisk them away never to be seen again ... please, please send help!

Henry immediately put Luther on hold and dialed 911 ... the 911 operator patiently listened to Henry's dilemma, at which time he also gave them Luther's cell number in case they should need it for any reason ... the 911 operator in turn relayed the information to the local police dispatcher so officers could be sent to the location ... the dispatcher informed the 911 operator that officers were already in that specific area on another call, and she would divert some of them forthwith to the Mini-Mart ... the police dispatcher put out the call to any officers in the vicinity of the Mini-Mart to respond ... luckily a police sergeant happened to be sitting just in front of the mart ... the sergeant told his dispatcher to give him the particulars on the call ... she repeated the information taken moments earlier in which two boys were allegedly kidnapped by masked gunmen, who had bound their hands, and were possibly holding them against their will in the backseat of a vehicle right in front of the Mini-Mart ... the boys were requesting help, for they feared the men would return at any moment and whisk them away never to be seen again ... the sergeant asked the dispatcher to call the victim's cell number for a possible update on the situation ... a few seconds later, the bewildered officer heard a phone ringing from his backseat ... after a long pause, the sergeant advised the dispatcher that the situation was under control, and the boys in question were safe ... they had been nabbed by masked and armed members of a police S.W.A.T. team ... hands now bound with cuffs ... sitting in the backseat of the his patrol car ... right in front of the Mini-Mart!

It was later determined that the boys fit the description of two young bandits who had robbed a liquor store just around the corner ... the S.W.A.T. team had mistakenly assumed that it was Luther and Lamar, thus arresting them both on the spot ... the real felons were later caught with loot in hand ... the hapless boys were cleared of all charges, then released to a very angry and embarrassed Maude and Henry Beefeater ... although there will likely be a bit of detention in store for Lamar Beefeater and his pal Luther DooLittle.


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BOB said...

Good stuff, mon ami ... unlike us, they're timeless ... they don't get old, do they?

Well, if they do, then they get better with age!