Friday, October 15, 2010

The Folly Of Envy ...

The modest cottage nestled amidst the bullbrier thickets had been more often than not peaceful and quiet ... until a vociferous Cricket took abode within a woodpile just outside the old man's bedchamber wall ... each night thenceforward, as the sun began its descent beneath the treetops, the melodious insect instinctively commenced his raspy chirping, which grew in intensity toward the wee hours of morning ... now this particular old man had recently resigned himself to death, patiently awaiting its advent with great expectancy ... however unable to neither permanently expire nor temporarily sleep as the Cricket's nerve-wracking scrapes echoed throughout his darkened room, he would often clutch bedclothes about his head in futile attempts to muffle the odious racket ... during one such toilsome night the old man vowed to forever silence the jet-black fiddler so that he might at last depart this world in peace ... thus the vexatious Cricket's goin's and comin's were forthwith constrained as he was obliged to not appear within the old man's reach lest he perchance encounter ill-timed extinction.

One early morning ... as the Brobdingnagian Cricket was about to conclude his nocturnal symphony ... he was met by a colossal Grasshopper proudly standing nearby who boldly announced "good morning Cricket, word about is that thou hadst lately suffered an untimely demise" as it rudely spat what appeared to be tobacco juice from its loathsome mouth ... "who would broadcast such dazzling falsities? as thou canst clearly surmise, I'm quite healthy, wealthy and wise!" retorted the Cricket ... the Grasshopper again spat then replied "the old man hath vowed to lay thee asunder ere he himself soon dies" ... to which the Cricket proclaimed "not so! the master of the house holds me in the highest of regard, and is oft lulled to restful sleep by my harmonic chords ... furthermore, we have breakfast together nearly each and every morn ... were anything fit for utter destruction 'twould be a vile and pestilent fellow such as thee!" ... with that the wretched orthopteran burst into laughter spewing nasty juice far and wide from its despicable jaws "I shan't think it true emanating from one such as you, a claim best left unbelieved lest perhaps I might see!" declared the envious Grasshopper ... "then go roll thyself round and round in yonder heap of coal dust until thou art black as pitch, then go feign thyself as me" suggested the knavish Cricket ... the eager Grasshopper pondered but for a moment before diving headlong into that pile of soot shamelessly rolling about till no part remained uncovered then displayed itself to the Cricket ... "uncommonly astounding!" insisted the Cricket "had I not discerned myself so well, I had thought that me were thee, and thee were me ... now hasten thee inside and present thyself to the master of the house, and enjoy thy hearty breakfast!" ... the blackened Grasshopper again spat then tactfully crept beneath the kitchen door as the Cricket leapt upon the windowsill to watch and listen ... straightaway was heard "Splat!" then the triumphant cry issued forth as the old man exclaimed "'twas a surety that anon I would silence that clamorous Cricket's ceaseless cacophony, this very night I myself will bow my head and pass in blessed tranquility" ... after the old man had been respectfully carried away to his final resting place, the Cricket became the master of the house ... and each night thenceforward, as the sun began to sink behind the tall treetops, the Cricket commenced his mellisonant strain, which increased in magnitude toward the wee hours of the morning ... ofttimes neath the pillows on the old man's feather bed!

"For wrath killeth the foolish man, and envy slayeth the silly one."   --Job 5:2

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BOB said...

Dang you, you dumb donkey ... now all I can hear are the crickets!!

Of course, that ain't all bad as Buddy Holly is among me favorites!

Well, I couldn't get Blogger's help to restoring "In Virtue Of ..." but the new post, "The Genius Of Genius" is up and I did the best I could in recreating "In Virtue Of" ... changed the name to "By Virtue Of" so some of the links may not work ... but widget seems to be okay.

I don't think it fair for wrath and envy to both kill me ... seems like double jeopardy!

With you covering the vices and me the virtues, it's all good, methinks.

Danged Crickets!

Anonymous said...

Blogger and sja are about to part ways!

PJ said...

I hope that just means your going to Wordpress or something like that. You're gonna continue blogging, right? speaking of crickets, I've got one in my bathroom that always starts chirping in my restroom a little while before I go to bed (it's right off my bedroom!) Needless to say, I sympathized with the man in your story!

God Bless!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for visiting again PJ ... yes I suppose I'll continue blogging a bit ... have considered moving to Wordpress and/or creating other sites ... as long as folks enjoy reading my humble pieces!

Barbara said...

You painted such a picture of the cricket..annoying in his chirping and matched it with disgusting tobacco juice from the mere jaws of the grasshopper...I could almost see it with my downturned mouth thinking..How Gross..(in a good way.) :)

Anonymous said...

Thank you Barbara ... imagine the revolting aftermath following the "Splat!" of that grasshopper!

Jewel said...

Enjoyed reading this clever story. Thanks for following me, I am now following you soon.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Jewel!