Saturday, February 20, 2010

Tiger Woods - Enough Already! ...

I don't know about you guys, but I've seen and heard about enough already concerning Tiger Woods! I've  never liked the game of golf, and I've certainly never been a fan of Tiger Woods. Whatever he has done in the past, and whatever he may do in the future has no bearing on my life one way or the other. I must say, after watching that scripted, staged "apology" he put on in front of a handful of select media hounds, I now hate the game of golf even more if that's possible, and am now firmly convinced that Woods is not a fellow I would follow in any sport, and certainly wouldn't want as a role model for any young person. What this guy has going for him is the fact that he can slap his balls around and pretty much put them anyplace he wants, and he's a moneymaker for various corporations, the media and the PGA. If he was a regular guy like me, he wouldn't be given the time of day.

So, for all you fans and worshipers of Tiger Woods, and for the PGA, sports media and all the corporate sponsors that are missing their cash cow - he's back! That emotionless, scripted, staged, monotonic, robotic performance he gave yesterday was the first step in the process of his return, the plan is now in motion. He'll be back on the green soon, putting his balls wherever he pleases, and all you sponges will be back "in" the green again. Oh it's not all his fault, you created that monster, all of you. He said it himself, he had worked very hard to reach that pinnacle, he felt entitled to do wrong, privileged, and far above any moral laws that apply to the regular guy. But like he said, it's between him and his wife and kids and God, please, let's leave it there. I just hope when and if he asks God or his family for forgiveness, that he doesn't have to read it from a prepared statement, it should come from the heart, of course, maybe it did.

I've even thought of a way I might make a few bucks off ol' Tiger. Remember all those images of him using those "Titleist" balls and clubs? Well, I'm thinking about coming out with my own brand of golf equipment, and it just might fit in perfectly with Tiger Wood's new image -- I shall call it "ENTITLEIST!" - for the non-discriminating golfer!

Guest blogger -- Peeptoe Hobo aka SickWilly


BOB said...

I believe it wrong to expect the public to disassociate the behavior of any sport's stars with the sport ... on and off the field of play.

This is especially true of Golf where honor is a defining element of the game.

Indeed, entitlement is at the heart of the issue but it is not restricted to Tiger ... star athletes, golf or sports.

Most of those who endorse entitlement rather than privilege with its associated responsibility and accountability have private personal agendas or reasons for so doing.

Our conduct, regardless of when, where, how and why it occurs ... reflects on all those things with which we're associated ... especially family, friends, mentors, employers and colleagues.

Indeed, we do make monsters of so many ... probably including Tiger ... but a monster`is a monster, whether created by Marry Shelley or by us.

Tiger's accomplishments should be recognized but he knew full well that his actions were wrong and that others would suffer as a resultant, regardless of disclosure ... that, or his parents and advisors were grossly negligent.

Tiger may well indeed now be sorry for what he has done, given the outcome ... but ...

The sport of Golf has greatly suffered as well and he should be forever barred from further competition, though the damage can never be undone.

I personally think that it would help the game and all sport but such an outcome is highly unlikely ... the perception is that`Tiger's absence from competition rather than public dissatisfaction with his behavior is he issue of greater importance and impact ... and possible ramifications of such action impacting all sport all but prohibit it.

Golf is a gentlemen's game, at least in one sense of the word ... one that I truly love! I'm just as truly hard pressed to find Tiger Woods a gentleman in any sense of the word.

Anonymous said...

So Bob, does that mean you won't be using SickWilly's aka Peeptoe Hobo's new line of golf clubs and balls he affectionately named "ENTITLEEIST!" - for the non-discriminating golfer and soon to be international sensation and worldwide phenomenon??

I hope everyone is doing well there, and please say hi to Carol from TheSouthernJackAss ...

BOB said...

Yes, I won't be using the "Entitleeist" line but may buy a set of clubs and some balls as an investment since they are almost certain to quickly become collector's items!

The venture is doomed from the start since there are no non-discriminating golfers, only those of the non-discriminating class claiming to be golfers ... not sure of the game they play, but golf it ain't!

Well, upon further reflection, that's probably the vast majority so maybe Willy is really wily rather than sick!

Sincere apologies were certainly the order of the day ... not sure of Tiger's sincerity but it matters not! No apology can excuse the behavior, erase the damage or entitle Tiger to a mulligan ... twas Tiger what took away Tiger's self respect ... nobody else.

It's amazing to me ... almost without exception, when popular public figures are found to be guilty of gross misconduct ... they are proudly defended by a significant contingent as "simply demonstrating that they too are human" ... oh the humanity!

let us not confuse sport with the games played by professionals and controlled by businesses where the bottom line is the measuring stick for victory or defeat.

Beating a dead tiger is probably as productive as doing the same to dead horses but when you catch one by the toe, it's somehow much harder to let go.

Time changes everything ... earlier today, Carol tried to explain the pronunciation of our name to a nurse who grew up on a farm ... "brayer" like a donkey.

We were surprised to learn that she didn't know that donkeys brayed. Her comment ... "you learn something new every day!

And so you do!!

Anonymous said...

What humans consider as donkeys braying is actually considered by donkeys as intelligent discourse ... "the dumb ass speaking with man's voice forbad the madness of the prophet" ... of course I must always side with the Equus asinus ...

nothingprofound said...

I don't read newspapers or own a TV so I did't even know who Tiger Woods was until people started mentioning him in their blogs. In any case, I don't consider his triumphs on the golf course or in the bedroom any of my concern.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to say that I do watch TV occasionally, and every time I turn it on, or turn the channel there's something about Tiger Woods ... might be better off to just toss the TV ...